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X-BOMBER Postcard Set A (Shiro Hagen/Bongo Hercules/Big Man Lee/Big Dai X/Ginga Shiro & Lamia)

  • Limited Quantity
  • Online Exclusive
Product Details
From "X-BOMBER" comes a set of postcards.
There are three postcard sets featuring famous scenes selected by Fuyuki Shinada from many still photos.
· Ginga Shiro/Bongo Hercules/Big Man Lee/Big Dai X/Ginga Shiro & Lamia
· Lamia x3/Halley/X-BOMBER Hangar
· Converted Captain Custer/Killy x2/Bloody Mary/Lamia & Alien

*This item is planned to be on sale from October 8 to October 16, 2022 at the X-BOMBER Exhibition 2022.
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Name X-BOMBER Postcard Set A (Shiro Hagen/Bongo Hercules/Big Man Lee/Big Dai X/Ginga Shiro & Lamia)
Release Date Oct 2022
Announce Date Oct 11, 2022
Manufacturer Max Factory
Product Type
  • Limited Quantity
  • Online Exclusive
Specifications Materials: Paper. Size: Approx. 100 x 150mm
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