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THE GATTAI Max Combine DX Full Power Gridman

  • Cannot be Combined
Product Details
Max Combine DX Full Power Gridman reborn in the THE GATTAI series!
The combination of Gridman and the 4 assist weapons into Cho Gattai Chojin Full Power Gridman can be created without extra parts! · Just like THE GATTAI Gattai Ryujin DX Dynazenon (sold separately), the size of the figure is even larger than the old DX Full Power Gridman! · In combined form, Full Power Gridman stands at 240mm in height (to top of head). · The figure features updated articulation including knee articulation not seen with the original DX Full Power Gridman. · The joint mechanisms of Gridman, the core of the mecha, have been completely redesigned. Click-type joints are built in to achieve greater stability in combined form. · A dedicated body part made for ease-of-use in combined form is included. · Gridman Calibur comes in both a small and large size. · Assist weapon combinations not seen in the series can also be created. · The four assist weapons can be combined to create Gattai Senjin Powered Zenon. · Full Power Gridman can hold the Dynamic Cannon included with THE GATTAI Gattai Ryujin DX Dynazenon (sold separately). · A dedicated display stand and interchangeable hand parts (open, individually articulated finger type) included. · A new toy-original combination can be created as well! Goldburn included with THE GATTAI Gridknight & Goldburn (sold separately) can be combined with Full Power Gridman!
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Order Period
Preorders can be placed from 23rd January 2024 (Tue) from 12:00pm JST until 11th April 2024 (Thu) at 12:00pm JST.
Not Available
- A maximum of 3 of this product are available per person. Orders that include more than this limit will be cancelled.
Name THE GATTAI Max Combine DX Full Power Gridman
Release Date Aug 2024
Announce Date Jan 23, 2024
Manufacturer Good Smile Company
Series Gridman Universe
Product Type
  • Cannot be Combined
Specifications Painted action figure. Gridman Height: Approx. 150mm / Full Power Gridman Combined Height: Approx. 240mm.
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Not Available
- A maximum of 3 of this product are available per person. Orders that include more than this limit will be cancelled.